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What a year for art!

2023 started off with an adventure to do 3 show in Florida. My sales were not what we were hoping for. But, I learned a lot form each of the shows on my quest to be a "Festival Artist", Including, there are wild rabid monkeys in Dania Florida!!!

Joining the "art carny" caravan, I ventured on to shows in Chicago, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts and finishing up with League of NH Craftsmen Fair right here in NH.

The League of NH Craftsmen show was a 9 day show. I never thought I could do 9 days, but it was a such a great and well produced show, the days flew by and my sales were finally fantastic, beyond my expectations!

So now I am venturing out again this winter and spring and applying to the top notch shows around the country. Thank you for all of your support on this journey, especially from my wife Cara!

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